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The brilliant host of Backstage With...Michael Worrall tells us what he loves about the pod and why you should too!



Backstage With... is all about giving theatre fans, myself included, extra insight into the shows they love.


The access I've had over the last year since I started the podcast has been increasingly exciting. People have really got behind it - from actors saying yes to interviews when I was just starting out to the listeners who devour every episode and get in touch to say how much they enjoy listening.


The best thing about the access is that it's not just for me. The whole concept is that I'm taking you - the listener - with me and you get to come too.


The bonus to seeing and sharing that backstage experience is the conversations that happen with the guests. The stories actors and creatives have are always (and some of them don't realise this) fascinating, intriguing, shocking... I could use any number of adjectives. And with that often comes emotion. Watching some of them tell me what can quite often be a very personal story or experience, they show it on their faces. They're vulnerable. It's intimate. You don't get that meeting someone at stage door, you don't get that in promotional TV or radio interviews.


It's the conversations with the people behind the characters or the shows the listeners love that makes Backstage With.... worth making and worth hearing.


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