I know what you know but what do you THINK?

I've just had a meeting with the Programme Director of a national digital radio station. 

We talked a lot about the huge number of demos he gets every day, the challenge of getting people who have passion and drive but no on-air experience into a place where they are ready to go on air and the major problem he has with virtually every single demo he gets.

And I cannot believe this a conversation I'm still having.

I've written about this extensively before and it's often topic #1 when i start work with a new coaching client:  I know that you know facts and information about *insert relevent topic to your audeince here*  but what do YOU think about it?

As the boss said to me today -

There seems to be a generation of presenters who think that prep is making a note that - Katy Perry has a new hair cut - and it's blue.


And?  That's information - it's fact, why is that something I would listen to you for? 


He continued: I can get that info anywhere. What I am failing to hear time and time again is clever, thought provoking, surprising, divisive, charming, in fact any OPINION on ANYTHING.

He rounded off by saying: 

I get upwards of 40 demos a week - and they're all wallpaper.


Don't be wallpaper. 


Be brave, have something to say or don't bother saying anything at all.





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