It's all about YOU

"I like your audio - but I want to hear more of YOU in it"

"You have a great tone and pace - but I don't know who YOU are"

"Great observations - but what do YOU think about what you saw"


These are just some examples of the demo feedback from programme controllers that clients have shared me with me recently.


A few years ago, commercial radio was all about "Shut up and play the hits"  Then there was a big push for "warmth"  now - it really is all about YOU.


What do YOU feel about the recipe for Creme Eggs changing?  What do YOU reckon to the new series of The Voice.  How are YOU dealing with the roadworks on (insert local road name here)?


In order to build a close relationship with listeners,  and therefore increase your rajar and the station's success you need to do two things.


1. Give of yourself.  Let them know what makes you tick, what you love, hate, are scared of, excited by.

2. Be honest. There's no point pretending you went clubbing on Saturday to seem cool when you were on the sofa bingeing on Netflix.  Be real.


Of course, not everyone is going to agree with you or even like what you say, you might get some negative or even angry feedback. That's why it's often easier to be vanilla and say nothing. But the most successful presenters, Moyles, Evans et al say it anyway.  The ones people connect with, identify with, feel close to, are also the exact same ones that make people angry and annoyed. That's what personaility is. 

Think of a comedian / film / book / song you absolutely LOVE. 


Someone, somewhere HATES it.


Imagine if the author / director/singer had decided not to make it, just because some people wouldn't like it.


Be brave.  Be yourself.






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