Northern Power Women

The Northern Power Women Podcast


We're so excited to launch this brand new monthly podcast for the awesome Northern Power Women.


Each month, the podcast will feature the very latest in Northern Power Women news – letting you know the events and initiatives that you can be involved in

You’ll  can listen in on the informed conversation between three extraordinary people -  talking about some of the  biggest issues  facing us today in the workplace …..and they’re not afraid to speak their minds

You’ll have the chance to get inside the head of a real person with purpose, and discover what makes them tick – what steps and stumbles did they take to get where they are today and find out the answers to questions like: When have you felt most vulnerable at work?  And What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

Then last, but absolutely not least – it’s Ask the Hive.

When you’ve got a problem or need some advice – it’s often hard to find the right person who can help

But if you’re part of the Northen Power Women network you’ll know that together, we share the brightest and best minds around!

Every month you’ll have the chance to ask the Hive if there’s an obstacle you’re facing or a problem  you need help overcoming, ….and if it’s an issue you can help out with – then over to you…

Email your voice memo to    

or send us a voice message via whatsapp on 07928387712

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The Northern Power Women podcast utilises the brilliant ipDTL for crystal clear remote recording with multiple guests. Check it out here.



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