Sam Walker's Desert Diaries


Sam Walker's Desert Diaries

"See you in the desert"


What dream do you have?  What project or journey or career have you always wanted to start, but keep putting it off?  Sam Walker knew hers; she wanted to go and live in America and experience a whole new life.
She didn't think it would ever happen.  Then during an interview for her podcast "What Goes On Here" one of her guests, Craig Stone, said something that she couldn't forget.

"What if your dreams aren't dreams, they're your real life calling you?" 

This became the start of a crazy adventure which led to Sam and her family leaving Manchester, England in May 2019 and moving to Phoenix, Arizona.

Desert Diaries is a no holds barred account of what it means to actually follow your dreams and follows the excitement, joy, frustation and heartbreak of one family in their first year in the desert,

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Hear the first epsiode here, which tells the story of how the adventure started.

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