How can we help you?

Here at What Goes On Media, we know how to tell great audio stories.

We also know how to get those stories out into the world.


We have acted as consultants for a number of organisations and individuals who would like to start podcasting and we can help you as much or as little as you need.

Maybe you would like some help in coming up with the format for your podcast, need some assistance in editing or mixing, want some presentation traning, or perhaps you have already made the podcast but need some advice on hosting, uploading and tagging or some marketing ideas?

Perhaps you have a great idea you'd like us to fully produce and become part of our network?

If you're wondering why a podcast might be a great idea for your business, then do read this.

If you're not sure of how we can help you, then here's what we can do.


Get in touch to arrange a no obligation chat about we might work together.









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Capturing and telling stories is what we specialise in. You can find out more and listen to our work here.

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