Coaching Programmes

After 11 years of coaching, we have found the fastest, most effective way of improving your is via a supported coaching programme consisting of tailored one on one sessions, phone calls and email support.

You can sign up for a single month, or enjoy a discount for committing to multiple months. You can stop at any time.


If you are serious about being the best you can be, we really believe you need to invest in your career.  If you're spending your hard earned money on your own improvement you're much more likley to take advice seriously, work on your goals, do the exercises we set and focus on your ambitions.  If something is free, it simply doesn't hold as much value.


We offer three main tiers:


Bronze: 1 x Listen back session per month, plus one call per month  and one email support question per week. £95.00

Silver: 2 x listen back sessions per month, plus weekly calls and up to two email support questions per week £175.00

Gold: 4 x listen back sessions, plus weekly calls and unlimited email support. £300.00 


We can also offer one off sessions, demo feedback, help you make a demo or offer group sesions and seminars.  Just ask.


We don't believe in a hard sell. Your career is your decision.

Any questions?  Or to express an interest: Please get in touch.



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